Did you know that approximately 10-15 percent of adults in the United States have experienced painful symptoms associated with gallstones? In fact, it’s among the most common health issues that send people to emergency rooms – and the attacks are increasing, too! But you don’t have to live with the pain since you can beat gallstones the natural way.

Let’s first take a look at the facts about gallstones – what these are, what causes them, and what can be done about them. You will find that, indeed, there are natural ways of beating gallstones. You can skip the risks that come with medications and surgery.

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What Are Gallstones?

Gallstones can look like small stones, thus, the name. These are actually small clumps of crystallized enzymes, cholesterol, and bile salts that form in the gallbladder. These can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, thus, the differing experiences among patients.

Most gallstones, for example, are so tiny that these pass unnoticed. Known as silent gallstones, these don’t cause painful symptoms because of their tiny size.

But this isn’t the case for many patients. Gallstones that cannot pass through the body continues to grow and grow. Over time, these can become so big that bile flow from the gallbladder becomes stuck. The gall duct through which the bile flows become totally blocked.

This results in biliary colic, a painful condition. In this case, the gallstones have become as large as golf balls! Just imagine the pain that comes when these gallstones irritate your body’s internal organs, such as the gallbladder and liver.

What Causes Gallstones?

The development of gallstones is a complex process because of the wide range of factors involved. In general, there are two types of gallstones:

  • Cholesterol gallstones are the result of undissolved cholesterol collecting in the gallbladder and/or the biliary duct leading to the small intestine.
  • Pigment gallstones are the result of excess bilirubin remaining either in the gallbladder or gall duct. Bilirubin, by the way, is the byproduct of the breakdown of red blood cells with bile.

The gallbladder usually empties itself as often as needed. But there are times when it doesn’t result in gallstones. The bile levels become concentrated and, thus, the bilirubin or cholesterol becomes crystallized.

People with certain conditions are also at a higher risk for gallstones. These conditions include:

  • Diabetes
  • Low HDL
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Blood disorders
  • Inadequate diet
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Family history

If you suspect you have a high risk of developing gallstones, you should take the necessary measures to reduce them.  These steps can include adopting a healthy diet and exercise program, as well as sensible lifestyle habits. You will not have 100% assurance that gallstones will not develop but these measures are better than nothing.

What Are Its Symptoms?

The importance of preventing gallstone development cannot be overemphasized. The symptoms associated with larger gallstones cannot be so easily dismissed. Just ask the people who have suffered through them and wonder no more.

Large gallstones can cause severe pain lasting for hours. The pain usually starts on the upper right side of the abdomen, which intensifies as the time passes on. The intense pain can also radiate to the right shoulder, which can result in extreme discomfort and restlessness.

In severe cases, the extreme pain can be accompanied by fever with chills. The skin can have a yellow tinge to it, due to the build-up of bilirubin.

Human nature usually finds we wait until it is too late and have already developed health problems before we act. In addition to the discomfort of gallstones, there is the monetary aspect to consider. The combination of extreme pain, fever with chills, yellow skin, and the high cost should be enough for anybody to avoid them, but few people anticipate problems. Trust that the medical cure is much worse than prevention and choose to do something about it now. Order the cure now.

What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Fortunately, there’s good news!  Don’t live in pain, beat gallstones with a natural method and cut out the doctor instead! You don’t have to undergo the risks of medications and surgery, as well as their high expense.

Indeed, you can take more control over your treatment at a lesser cost and better results. You must be committed to your natural remedy program. You have to be patient as it will take time before you can see the results, mainly because your body is getting accustomed to it.

Let’s start with the diet and exercise. Your body must be healthy in order to break up the gallstones and expel them painlessly.

  • Eat healthy fats from fishes, avocado and the like. The gallbladder releases bile to break down the fat and, thus, it flows regularly. The more the bile flows normally, the lower the chances for crystals to form in the gallbladder.
  • Aside from contributing to a healthy body, exercise can reduce the likelihood of large gallstones. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, women who sat for more than 40 hours per week at work reported gallstones at a higher rate than more active women. In a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, men who engaged in 30-minute exercises 5 times a week reduced their risk for gallstone development by over 33%.
  • Eat specific foods known to reduce the size of gallstones including:
  • Nuts like walnuts, pecans, and cashews have proteins and fats that help in keeping the bile flowing well. These are also important in effective weight management, a must in reducing the risks of gallstones (i.e., obesity). Eat 5 ounces of nuts or more per week.
  • Apple cider vinegar aids in better digestion and in breaking down fats.
  • Fish, such as tuna, cod, and salmon, contain healthy fats and proteins, too.

Other foods include lemons, peppermint, and dandelion.


Yes, you can beat the odds, cure yourself of gallstones! You have the benefit of natural remedies which are safer and yet just as effective as medications and surgery. You also don’t have to go into debt to get effective treatment thanks to the fact that natural remedies can be found in your kitchen.

Just be sure that, indeed, these natural remedies are the right kind. You should find the experts in these natural remedies, listen to their recommendations, and apply them in your daily life.

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