Below is an actual email sent to us at work with the status of a co-worker. Names withheld to protect the innocent. I placed a key phrase in bold font. I had mentioned natural cures before but no response and didn’t realize he had gallstones or even that he was going into surgery until the day before his surgery.

Subject: Surgery

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Hey guys,

I’m home. I can’t talk yet but I’m home. They were not able to get all the stones out and had to put in another stint.

So for the record

1- gallbladder removal
2- ERCP procedures
2- stints
3 days in the hospital
9+ appointments
$4000 + expenses
52 hours of fasting (hard on fat guy)

Everyone in St Luke’s preop  has seen me from junk to rump. (You would think that would make them finish the job).

I had no freaking ideal CSB was in the medical field as well.

Bonus plan I get to do it again in 6 weeks.

See you guys on Monday.

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Me back again; So you think you can’t buckle down and change your diet a little? See what happens when you are in pain and the medical professionals tell you what you must do. I think you can surprise yourself in what you can accomplish to rid yourself of Gallstones naturally before the professionals need to know about it.

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